Success Story:

Learn how MoviePal boosted installs and increased user engagement & loyalty by implementing Socialize.

Wow, that was insanely easy.

- Suneet Shah, CEO MoviePal

5 Minute Integration
(yes, really) and BAM! your app is now fully social.

Now users can socialize with each other in the app by taking social actions around MoviePal's content, and share their passion with the world.

Implement with our ActionBar or completely customize your own UX and UI.

Socialize wraps social actions around any type of content in any app.

Whether you want to make an image social-- or a product, article, virtual good, level of a game, entire app, or anything else-- Socialize turns a user's social actions into social objects which can then be propagated outside of the app.

Your app is a container of users who are strangers but all share one common interest: your content. Let them socialize around it. After all, your users are your most passionate marketers. Put them to work.

SmartAlerts bring users back to your app with intelligent, customized push notifications.

Users can subscribe to receive alerts on social actions taken around content they are interested in.

Socialize picks up where other social and sharing SDKs drop the ball.

Our SmartDownload system automatically creates a dynamic SmartURL page from each and every social action taken by users in your app.

SmartURLs give your in-app content a place to live on the web, turning content into social objects-- a requirement to take advantage of the Open Graph.

They also provide new users multiple ways to download your app via direct app store link, SMS and QR code install methods.

The SmartDownload page is totally transparent, with no configuration incessary. It "just works." Want to customize SmartURL pages with your brand? No problem, we give you CSS-level access and a rule-based config panel in the dashboard.

All your users are not created equal.

Some of your users are more valuable than others. Do you know who the most influential user in your app is? Are you treating that user differently from all your other users? If not, why not?

The Socialize dashboard enables you to perform powerful analysis and MicroTargeting of users. Now you can identify, target and reward your most valuable users.

For example, why not send an SmartAlert out to just the users who "Liked" one piece of content? Or offer your most valuable users free tickets to a movie? By rewarding the influencers in your app, you will encourage them to be even more loyal and active.

Turn the lights on in your app.

Introduce yourself to your users and start having conversations with them. We help you identify, target and reward your most valuable users.

When a user authenticates with a social network through Socialize, we provide you detailed data on that user, including GeoData, device type, Klout score, social reach, number of friends and followers and much more.

Our algorithm calculates and scores that user's value to you, so you can quickly identify and reward your influencers.

What's your Return On Social (ROS)?

With Socialize in your app powering the social experience, you will:

  • Set it and forget it: Socialize doesn't need constant maintenance, because the users create the benefits
  • Boost distribution: Gain more high quality installs from engaged & passionate users spreading the word
  • Increase loyalty: Users keep opening your app because they want to interact with other users
  • Improve the user experience: Let your users influence and socialize with each other
  • Know your users: Gain insights into which users are most influential in your app
  • Reward your users: Treat your most valuable users differently than the others
  • Know your users: Get user intelligence and insights like never before

Socialize is the best way to make any mobile app social.

Our drop-in social platform creates a community around your app, leveraging the most powerful networking features, through a single interface.

HTML5 Social API + iOS & Android SDKs.

Implement the SDK in minutes!


43,715,958 Social Actions


611,839,133 Devices

Featured Apps

Put your users to work boosting your installs

Welcome to TheLoop, a viral loop in your app that puts your users to work boosting downloads and re-engagement in your app, in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Make Your App Social

Why can't your users socialize with each other? Unleash the power of your download base by making your app social. Letting users like, comment and share your app's content will bring them back to the app, boosting re-engagement by as much as 316%. You've worked hard to acquire your users, now give them a reason to keep coming back.

Step 2: Hello World

Your users are your best marketers. Why can't they tell the world about your app? Now they can, with Facebook and Twitter authentication. Every social action your users take inside your app can now be shared with friends and followers.

Step 3: Make it rain

With users sharing content inside of your app and out to the world, you're perfectly positioned to turn all that interest into more installs. We track each social action using SmartURLs and SmartDownloads to provide reports and analytics that shed light on your users. Which user is most valuable to you? How many installs has each social action driven? You'll know this and more with Socialize in your app.

Super easy implementation.

The action bar has been viewed over 5,555,793,901 times. Get it in your app with only a few lines of code.

Join the community of thousands of apps and millions of users.

Your choice: Grab our pre-built UI or fully customize our open-source SDKs

We provide default views in our SDKs for almost all our features so you can be up & running with Socialize in minutes. Want a look & feel that matches your app? Simply use our UI as a guide and customize to taste.

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